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2010 Picker Contest Description
Contest rankings are being updated to include last week's game results, and will be available Tuesday at noon.
Contest Standings
Contest rankings are being updated to include last week's game results, and will be available Tuesday at noon.

Contest Standings
Contest rankings are being updated to include last week's game results, and will be available Tuesday at noon.

Fans are not bowled over by matchups
Most bowls are awful for the following reasons: Coaches quit, rendering those bowl teams completely unfocused. And senior stars dog it, not wanting to be injured before their pro tryouts.

Thank goodness, BCS is on its last legs
The BCS has been polluting the gridiron landscape for 16 long years, using a collection of media and coaching homers, and computer punchers, to stage a popularity contest for its season-ending game.

Week 14 picks: Fill up on questions and answers for Turkey Day
Nobody even knows enough to ask the right questions.

Week 13 picks: It's awards season
Hothead of the Year: Soon-to-be ex-Nebraska coach Bo Pelini edges out Mike "Vesuvius" Stoops.

Week 12 picks: Week's emotions range from pleasant to sad
As the apologists and homers continue to spew excuses and witch-doctor cures, we're sad to announce what's wrong at OU when it comes to challenging for elite status: Everything.

Week 11 picks: Sometimes the only choice is to root against ESPN
ESPN and its multitude of slap-happy anchors and heavy-headed analysts are trying to take over college football by putting together a home-cooked and half-baked national championship game of Alabama versus Florida State.

Week 10 picks: How about these midseason storylines?
Will the winner of the OU-OSU football game have to play Johnny Highball and the Aggies in a bowl?

Week 9 picks: At some point, the fight just goes out of fight songs
Perhaps there should be songs for each occasion: Maybe "Oklahoma Hills" when the team is down 14 points; possibly "Never Been to Spain" when the deficit is three touchdowns or more.

Week 8 picks: Words of advice for OU football coaches
Worrisome note: The committee to elect four national championship contenders for the 2014 season has been named.

Week 7 picks: Three hot topics plus a mystery
Texas' favorite play is a pass to near its sideline, where everybody immediately starts screaming for a penalty flag.

Week 6 pickers: Bad news lies beyond the obvious
Notre Dame is terrible.

Week 5 picks:
Read option getting NFL quarterbacks obliterated

Week 4: Here are five myths debunked
1. A running quarterback will win something important one day.

Week 3 Picks: What to do but pay the players?
The OU pass game is ugly: Of 123 first division college football teams, OU's pass game ranks 110th!

Week 2 Picks: Another round of homers and softballs
Some thought our impression of the Bob Stoops press conference was better than the real thing.

Week 1 Picks: Questions all around to open college football season
Welcome back. Here are the stories we're working on at post time, goal post time.

Dynasties to Dinosaurs
We were flipping through some games over the weekend and stopped on what we thought was the Purdue game.

Dallas Pretty Much Stinks
After the fluke win over the Giants, a game in which the visitor gave up six turnovers and still appeared to be the better team, the Dallas coach addressed the media and sounded more like a mouthpiece for Jerry than a leader.

OU Quarterback Prediction
Here's a football axiom, college or pro, sandlot or frat ball: Quarterbacks can either run or pass well. They can't do both in a great way.

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